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Judge Not My Scars – They Speak Of My Life

Posted: February 16, 2018

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Every woman is beautiful, and if there are scars, these speak of their life and what they have experienced. They make them beautiful inside out!

This poem is for all the beautiful girls and women in every corner of the world, who with all their imperfections are still very very beautiful.

I sit on the uneasy sofa, staring blankly at the floor

While the busy ant hurries with its day’s earnings past the creaky door

When suddenly a harsh voice through the silence cuts jarringly

“But there are too many scars, my dear,” her gaze drills through me bruisingly

“The photos didn’t reveal these ugly scars before

I am afraid we cannot continue with this alliance any more.”

“That’s it!” I tear my gaze from the ant and stall her next sentence

“Who are you and I wonder who gave you this license?

To make me feel all wretched and unworthy

Will you now please leave, and yes, don’t forget the sweets in your hurry

My scars though ugly are much prettier than yours

For yours are hidden cunningly right in your every pore.”

With that I stride off to my room and shut the stunned door

Who has the sense not to make that creaking sound any more.

I stand before the tall mirror, adorned like a regal

Oh my! The dear mirror is all honest and brutal

“Bravo, young lady! You are a true star

Not everyone has the courage to take pride in their scar!

Let me tell you scarry tales I hear everyday

From my friends and family near and faraway

Scars tell tales, of joy and agony

Of hurt and love, and courage and destiny

Sarah had a prized scar on her knee as she skated her way to glory

Fatima’s scar on her back reprimanded her for protecting her brother rather sulkingly,

Tanu’s mischievous giggling scar sat on her daddy’s scooter

Parvathy’s nasty red scars complained of her pimple years

The teenage scar on Janki’s thigh laughed at her first scalding tryst with being hairless

An adventurous scar on mountaineer Jill’s forehead applauded her for being fearless

A hasty long scar on Priya’s wrist took me to her first attempt in the kitchen

The angry scars on Asiya’s face thrown by a jilted lover smitten

Those silent scars on Parul’s body suffering with her in her marriage

Anna’s painful scars cheering her for carrying on the lineage

The sad scars on Rachel’s breasts lamented her lost beauty

Lakshmi’s valiant scars pointed towards her line of duty

The tales keep pouring in, and are delightful and inspiring

Seek refuge in them my dear, for they are brave and heartwarming!

Even if you are covered with scars from head to toe

Do not be afraid to flaunt them, because you are prettier than you know

Every scar works in creating a more wholesome and beautiful YOU

Have faith in me, my each and every word is true.”

And just like that, my dear mirror healed my scarred soul

I hugged and kissed it, for it had made me feel whole

Oh! Don’t look at me like that, I am not someone from Mars

I am just an ordinary woman made beautiful by her scars!!

Published here earlier.

Image source: pixabay

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