The Upcoming Web-Series ‘Haq Se’ That Gives Voice To Kashmiri Women Seems Like A Must Watch

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The upcoming web-series, ‘Haq Se’ on Alt Balaji is based on Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’ and gives voice to Kashmiri women in current times

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, is one of the most beloved novels of all times. Hence, it isn’t a surprise that the story has been adapted by film makers several times over since its publication. The story of the four March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy and their mother, who try to make the best out of their grim situation while their father is away fighting in the Civil War, is one that makes us teary eyed and yet puts a smile on our faces.

Alt Balaji, a new video streaming website is about to launch a series that is inspired by the story of the four March sisters. However, to add a twist to things, it is set in the backdrop of Kashmir in contemporary times.

Hence, we have the four Mirza sisters, Banno, Amal, Jannat, and Meher. One of them is a musician, another a doctor, and the third a journalist. They seem like ordinary women with their dreams and desires until terror strikes at their doors. Jannat, who is a journalist, writes a provocative blog post and a certain section of the Kashmiri people are up in arms to attack their family. We slowly come to terms with the fact that women in such war torn places might apparently lead ordinary lives like us but in truth they have to struggle so much more to make their voices heard or even to make their simple dreams come true.

In the trailer, one of the sisters say: ‘The entire world is ignoring Kashmir just like Kashmiri men are ignoring the desires of Kashmiri women.’ The poignant line stays with us long after the trailer gets over and definitely seems like one of the main themes upon which the series is based.

‘Haq Se’ seems to be a story of Kashmiri women, a story that doesn’t get told too often. That, along with the inspiration it derives from our beloved novel, Little Women, might be reasons enough for us to tune into Alt Balaji and watch it as soon as it starts streaming this month.

Header image is a still from ‘Haq Se’.

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    I am eagerly looking forward to watching the show as well

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