Why Me?

#Poetry. Why me? Asks this working mother wishing to be at home, then compares herself to a friend who wanted to work but could not.

#Poetry. Why me? Asks this working mother. She wishes to be at home, then compares herself to a friend who wanted to work but could not.

Again I could manage just the usual jam and bun

I wish I had time to cook for my little one.

Oh! I need to be in time for the meeting!

Endless vehicles on the road will give me a greeting

No time for breakfast again,

Wonder why I really need to take all this pain

I will have to hit the canteen after answering my mails

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Back to back meetings, deadlines and audit trails

Sometimes, I ask myself, am I doing justice to both,

Home to office, office to home, on the run to and forth.

I wish I could cook for my loved ones

And play with them, but my time runs

Shwetha, my dear friend, who finished college with me

With better scores she got a coveted job, a great place to be

But marriage and motherhood took her career away

Though she has time, a feeling of emptiness was here to stay

A dutiful wife, doting mother and caring daughter that she has been

But her eyes reveal her unfulfilled dreams and talent, left unseen

Sometimes I envy her, sometimes I feel bad for her

Mother, aunt, grandmother, you spent your entire life for near and dear

Yet, you seemed happy, was it satisfaction or simple needs, I wonder

If I start weighing things on the balance of life

On one there is sacrifice, on the other there’s stress and strife

On one there is time, on the other there’s money

Life is a mixture of lemon and honey

Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet

Like the changing seasons of cold and heat

But why do I, as a woman always have to make a choice

Between speaking up for myself or suppressing my voice

Between being there for my children or fulfilling my dreams

Everytime I try to fly up high, why do I hear screams

Why do I have to answer a million questions on the ride?

Why do I feel like I am up against a tide?


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