New Year, Old Resolution: Woman Be Yourself, Stay Unique

Mahima motivates other women as to why they must stop copying other women at higher positions and learn to stay UNIQUE.

Mahima pens down a never-before-shared slice of her life to assert and thus motivate other women as to why they must stop copying other women at higher positions and learn to succeed by staying who they are. Rather take pride in being who they are…stay UNIQUE.

Don’t be a Hindu Goddess with eight hands,

To become a Superwoman under multiple brands.

The title is enticing and calls out to blend,

But stress, loneliness, isolation is all you get at the end.

You are born to live happy and stress-free,

So don’t try to be what you aren’t supposed to be.

The World will bow to you, only if yourself…you unearth,

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So, high time, O Woman! Realise your own worth!

Why do you think I am penning this piece starting it with an excerpt from one of my internationally acclaimed poems? Because I have learnt to stay who I am and I wish you learn the same….soonest. Why? Because…”YOU ARE UNIQUE.”

So why ape any one around you…even if it is a beauty queen delivering a motivational speech or a neighbourhood Aunty who has begun working from home and is doing better than you?

In my opinion and life-experience the only way to succeed in life is by staying who you are. By remembering the following points and following them the way you follow your household chores to keep the family happy. After all, it is time for your happiness now, so follow it to the T.

1. You are UNIQUE, stop comparing

Change is the only constant – we all have heard that, but that doesn’t mean you change your conscience for others’ pleasure! It means change the way you treat yourself or let others treat you; it means change the way you look at yourself – Realise your worth since you are unique.

2. Dream and dare to fly

Don’t think, “Can I be that bird?” Simply discover your hidden wings. You have them since each one is blessed with a hidden talent and that exactly is your set of wings. Uncover it, utilise it. Dare to dream and chase them. And this comes not only by grabbing the opportunities that come your way, but also creating opportunities around you. No one is going to serve you anything on a platter, even when you are unwell. So learn to treat yourself better. Tell yourself…

Am I really caged?

Or have I self-caged myself?

It’s so much fun to Fly ,

So let’s Rise & claim our share of Sky,

Unafraid of ruffian hunters…

Rise up…Come, let’s give it a try!

3. Command what you deserve

It not only applies to materialistic things in life but even respect. Command respect and if it doesn’t come your way, don’t settle for less….LEARN TO STAY NO, WHEN YOU MEAN NO.

I understand we all live in a patriarchal society….but remember the golden rule: The world works on a give-and-take relationship. So never let anyone dictate your life. Rather, find a mutual way out, whether at home or work. In short, the flight towards your dreams might be tough, but nothing comes easy in life. And nothing is tougher than delivering a child. If you can do that, you can do anything!

4. Accept failures, and learn to move ahead

No one is perfect but each one is unique and has their share of successes as well as failures marked for them. Learn from the mistakes and set a higher benchmark for yourself, next time. Remember to…

Wipe your tears, attempt to fly till you succeed,

Coz only with time a seed becomes a Banyan tree,

So unlock your life…be its own key

Rise like a Phoenix, coz that’s what you are supposed to be!

5. Stay positive, share the joy

Stay happy, stay positive. And this comes with reading good literature, meditation and surrounding yourself with positive people and environments. Also remember to share your joy with others, share your life’e teachings with others, help uplift others. With time you will realise that there is no bigger joy than seeing another face smile along with you.

6. Never forget your roots

Remember your roots, remember the people who stood by you when you needed them the most and above all, remember to be around them when they need you. Not even the strongest trees can survive without their roots. Staying humble is the key to achieve greatness in life.

So what are you thinking now? “Mahima, it is easier said than done!” Well, if that’s what you are thinking, than let me share something from my own life with you.

I am not Indira Nooyi or for that matter another top shot in the industry. But I am UNIQUE and proud to be me. Why? Because I am that one woman who bid adieu to one of the best-media-houses’ jobs in March 2017. Not only those against me but even my pro-people had written me off, saying only a woman on a maternity break is able to restart a career in life. But I knew I am unique and had to hold faith in my wings. Thus, with courage and conviction, I restarted my career from ZERO in July 2017. It wasn’t easy, but I knew nothing is impossible. It will take time, but things will shape up.

Six months down the line, in January 2018, I am an established Independent Journalist & Content Curator who has six national/international awards in her kitty. And it all came not by following all other women at top positions but following one simple resolution that I set for myself each year…

I am unique and I will rise like a Phoenix!

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Images via Unsplash and Canva

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