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How To Make A Tall, Chilled Glass Of Shahi Meethi Lassi To Treat Yourself

Posted: October 3, 2017

Feel like a chilled, sweet drink on a hot day, or want something filling and nutritious you can have on a fast? Try this Shahi Meethi Lassi recipe.

Shahi meethi lassi is one of favourite beverages in North India. It gives a lot of benefits in the summer. It is also used during fasts – like the fast of Navratris, which have just gone.

Shahi meethi lassi will keep you fresh all day. In summers this lassi is a great choice. If you are on diet, then it will provide nutrition to your body. You can also take it in the morning, afternoon or evening. And it takes just 2 minutes to make it. Surprised?

So let’s make this yummy shahi meethi lassi without further ado.

A Tasty Shahi Meethi Lassi Recipe


Fresh Curd – 1 Cup

Sugar – 1/4 Cup

Almonds – 2 Fine Chopped

Pistachios – 2 Fine Chopped

Rose petals – chopped

How to Make Lassi

Put curd and sugar in a bowl and mix well, with constant churning. You can also use the mixer. But it is nice to use a hand churn.

Gently run slowly until sugar dissolves completely.

Then add some cool water to it and then run for a while. If you are using mixer, then do not add water.

Now add finely chopped pieces of pistachios and almonds in the glass.

Now put the lassi in the glass.

By mashing with a churn, the butter rises upwards in the form of foam in the bowl.

Take the butter in the spoon and put it on top of the glass.

Now put the remaining pistachios and almond slivers, and chopped rose petals on that butter as garnishing.

Your Shahi Meethi Lassi is ready. Enjoy!

If you prefer chilled, then you can replace cold water with ice cubes.

Points to Remember

Mash curd with churn very slowly. Otherwise, curd will drop out.

Don’t add cold water/ice cubes at the beginning. The sugar will not dissolve in the curd.

Image source: Charu Aggarwal

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