Gear Up, Boys – Home Science Will Now Be Compulsory for You Too!

For girls, home science has always been considered a relevant subject. The Women and Child Development Ministry proposes: why not for boys too?

For girls, home management has always been considered an indispensable skill. The Women and Child Development Ministry proposes: why not for boys too?

Back in the good old schools days, Home Science happened to be one of my favourite subjects. It was not only due to the fact that it was a ‘scoring subject’, but also due to its major relevance in day-to-day life – from health and hygience to home maintenance.

I have seen people making faces when they hear someone studying Home Science. No wonder there will be some ‘log kya kahenge’ (what will people say?) if our boys are made to learn the subject as a mandatory part of their school curriculum. Yes, you heard it right.

The Women and Child Development Ministry has come up with a draft proposal where boys may have to compulsorily study Home Science as a part of school curriculum, though only if it is approved by the Union Cabinet.

Of course, it is not ‘just for boys’ but for girls as well, but then, the benefits of learning home management have always been accepted for girls in any case.

Often it is seen people who take up Home Science are looked down upon. In fact, those students are also considered dull in studies due to the sole fact of their taking up Home Science. I can bet whoever has pursued Home Science at some point of time in their life that society did not forget to ask you the rhetorical question, ‘What will you gain by studying Home Science?’

Home Science as a subject deals with detailing of daily household chores and its tactful management and quick adaptability. It also teaches how to look after family health and nourishment and can be a stepping stone for related careers in the social sector or academics.

The objective of this draft policy is therefore for the school curriculum to be adapted in a manner that promotes gender sensitivity and enables boys as well as girls to learn some practical skills.

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It is necessary to introduce a well-thought-out curriculum, as this will pave equality among men and women, especially in a country like ours where gender discrimination is deep rooted. The boys will be made to learn from an early age that home-making is not only the task of the girls; that too from school which is a child’s second home.

Kudos to the Ministry for coming up with such a draft proposal!

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