Motherhood Is Like A Box Of Chocolates – You Never Know What You’re Going To Get!

Posted: June 7, 2017

What is motherhood? How can you define it? Difficult, as this poem in free verse proves – you never know what you’re going to get!

Motherhood is yesterday’s clothing, messy hair and 2 min showers.

Motherhood is yoga pants, v-neck tees and tiny soiled hand prints all over.

Motherhood is a sink full of dishes and a house full of laughter.

Motherhood is realizing laundry is like weed – never stops growing and is frigging everywhere.

Motherhood is a living room looking like a toy-tanic cyclone just hit.

Motherhood is 3AM wake ups and 11PM bedtimes.

Motherhood is loving a coffee reheated atleast 10 times.

Motherhood is reading “The Gruffalo” repeatedly for an hour without ever reaching the end.

Motherhood is surviving on baby-food left overs and stolen scoops of ice-cream tubs.

Motherhood is cooking, cleaning, feeding, washing, tidying and answering the phone/door. All at the same time.

Motherhood is discovering a hidden Lego in the boots AFTER putting them on and taking a careless step. Ouch!

Motherhood is hiding behind a closet door to munch on a chocolate, and pretending how disgusting it tastes when caught red-handed.

Motherhood is the art of tidying the same place a 100 times a day and still failing.

Motherhood is when cooking together in the kitchen and a sharing a glass of wine with your man becomes the definition of an ideal date.

Motherhood is gummy bear bribes and chocolate cake for dinners.

Motherhood is letting the dog clean up the floor.

Motherhood is a messy house, unmade beds and happy hearts.

Motherhood is bruised knees and magical kisses.

Motherhood is promising one is enough..then having two more – Cookies, chocolate, glass of wine, KIDS.

Motherhood is the fear of silence when in the bathroom.

Motherhood is when a trip to the bathroom becomes your me-time.

Motherhood is going from ‘Yuck!’ to ‘Here, wipe it on my shirt.’

Motherhood is being on-call 24/7 – no pay and no day-offs.

Motherhood is having the whole world in your arms when those little arms hold you tight.

Motherhood is exhausting and refreshing.

Motherhood is the hardest and the happiest hood ever.

Motherhood is loving so much…it hurts.

Motherhood is being loved so much…it hurts.

Motherhood heals.

Motherhood is changing not a thing and doing it all over again…happily!

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Image source: pixabay

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