Why I Returned To Work, Even Though I Wanted To Just Stay With My Baby

You do not want to leave your beautiful baby and go back to work. But there are many benefits of being a working mother.

You do not want to leave your beautiful baby and go back to work. But there are many benefits of being a working mother.

Mothers are the same around the globe. Being a working mother myself, I believe every working mother in the world must be visited by the thought of quitting her job once she becomes a mother. Even if it is a career one has worked hard for – the world of mothers is so vivid and beautiful that every other luxury or privilege doesn’t quite measure up. Not just us, our parents have worked hard for converting their dreams for us into reality.

While I was still on my maternity leave, the thought of I’m-not-going-back-to-work was uppermost on my mind. I just wanted to be with my baby, so fragile and pure.

Everything I did for my baby – giving a bath, feeding, massaging – all of it made me fall more in love. My reluctance to go back was clearly visible when I asked my employer for extending my leave, even though unpaid.

It was a bag of mixed feelings where your heart and mind pulls you in different directions. In that restless state of mind, I asked my mother how she managed to convince herself to rejoin work after I was born. She smiled and said – “You must be feeling like quitting your job. Right?” My eyes spoke for me and a tear rolled out my eye silently.

It was then that she helped me come to terms with myself and quell my anxiety. Let me share with you what I learnt from her.

Returning to the nest

This is the best part – kids feel elated to see you after a long day. Get ready for hugs and kisses. Not only them, you will also be in the best of moods to meet them after a long day away from them. This is when everything seems okay and makes your day worth living.

Spending quality time together

You will find yourself spending more quality time with the child. This may be out of guilt for not being around them always but it’s rewarding, particularly in terms of talking with your kids, taking them to their activities, and caring for them when they’re sick.

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You will be cheerful even though you’re completely exhausted.

Good role model for kids

Kids who would see you follow your career will realize the importance of team work when it comes to run a home. They will respect you for who you are professionally apart from being their mother. They will learn that housework or working outside home is not gender specific.

This will influence them significantly when they start their own families. Girls will be more career-oriented and boys will be more empathetic, willing to take up household responsibilities.

Yes, I and my husband are live examples. I appreciate that the mothers of both of us have a career, and still have lot to learn from them.

Feel good factor in being a working mother

You will feel good and content at the end of the day. You’ve got a job, a kid who doesn’t seem annoyed by your absence, and you couldn’t be more grateful for this. Your job keeps you in the game career-wise, helps you stay connected to the outer world, and keeps you sane.

Working mothers are less prone to panic attacks or depression. You have an active routine, a reason to get out of the domestic rut and stay updated.

Self confident kids

You will not be around them 24/7 and this motivates them to do their chores by themselves. The kids will grow into more independent and self-confident people. You may even find that your kid learns to do things earlier and faster.

Adjusting to preschool would be easy for them. They will not rely only on you for their every need.

Respectful partner and involved father

Your partner will be empathetic towards you as he understands how hard it can be to juggle career and family. Sharing household work lightens your load, and spending time with the kids when you are not around will help strengthening the daddy-baby bond.

Financial help

You are a working mother who is bringing money into the household? Who in the family doesn’t love an extra paycheck? You spouse will also be happy with you sharing the duties and not saddling him with providing for all your financial needs.

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