How To Boost Creativity? #WomenOnTheMove Share Their Secrets

What fuels creativity? How to maximise the potential of a creative mind? #WomenOnTheMove share their secrets in our weekly twitter chat..

What fuels creativity? How to maximise the potential of a creative mind? #WomenOnTheMove share their secrets in our weekly twitter chat.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination.” — Albert Einstein

The word ‘creativity’ is often related to writing a novel or painting a masterpiece. But the scope of creativity cannot be contained within these two areas only, it stretches beyond it. Whether it is trying out a new recipe in the kitchen or re-using old newspapers to create something useful; making a picture look appealing with the photo editing tools or just looking at a picture and creating a 6 word story around it; creativity is the process of bringing something new into being; something that’s ‘original not predictable’.

There are endless possibilities of a creative mind. Creativity motivates discoveries, helps in developing new theories and concepts. Creativity encourages people to look at problems or situations from a different angle with fresh perspective and suggest unconventional solutions.

However, creativity and ideas don’t just flow in relentlessly. A mundane and routine life is a bane for inspiration and creativity. Ideas and creativity need a spark and that renewed spark can be found when we break away from the usual — learn a new language, listen to unfamiliar music, try unusual foods, travel or watch a TED talk video on an innovative idea. What is important is to break away from the usual and experience the world in a different way. As the perspective widens to fresh stimulus, so will the creativity.

Earlier this week, we had our weekly #WomenOnTheMove chat on Twitter, and this is what we discussed. And lots of secrets were shared too! Read on to find out.

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In search of inspiration – where do we get it from?

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