7 Incredible Prenatal Yoga Benefits You Should Know About

Prenatal yoga is extremely beneficial for a healthy and happy pregnancy as it calms both your physical body and your emotional state.

Prenatal yoga is extremely beneficial for a healthy and happy pregnancy as it calms both your physical body and your emotional state.

If you are pregnant and looking forward to an active pregnancy and to relax and stay fit as well during the pregnancy, you should be considering prenatal yoga. Moreover, prenatal yoga prepares you for labour.

When I was five months into my pregnancy, my gynaecologist advised me to go for prenatal yoga classes – at that time I didn’t have any idea as to what to expect but as I started going to my classes, the benefits of prenatal yoga slowly unravelled in front of me.

Before you start practising prenatal yoga regularly, understand the range of benefits it provides.

Increases overall strength and flexibility 

Regular practice of prenatal yoga helps to stretch your muscles thus stimulating organ systems and promoting blood circulation and supply of oxygen.

Reduces lower back pain

Lower back pain comes with almost every pregnancy. Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps to keep back pain at bay.

You get to connect more with your baby

The feeling of being connected to your little one who is growing within you is itself an awesome feeling. The act of going to a prenatal yoga class itself is a beautiful reminder to make some exclusive time out from your daily routine to bond with your baby. Certain yoga techniques like chanting Om or the butterfly pose helps you to connect better.

Reduces aches and fatigue

As the pregnancy progresses, it can be difficult for you to sleep like the way you did before- as a result, spinal alignment may be compromised. Yoga helps to release this tension and fatigue.

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Improves emotional well-being as you make friends 

This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of prenatal yoga. Joining a community with other pregnant moms gives you the feeling of going through the pregnancy together. You learn from each other and can become each other’s inspiration as well. This can ease your pregnancy related anxiety besides calming down your mind and body too.

Prenatal Yoga helps to reduce swelling and inflammation around the joints

A regular practice of yoga helps to promote the blood circulation and oxygen supply all throughout your body which in turn, reduces swelling and inflammation especially around ankles and wrists.

Prepares your body for birth

Certain prenatal yoga poses help to tone the pelvic muscles. Thus, regular practice of such poses can actually help you to effectively use them in labor and ‘push’ your baby.

Having discussed about the benefits of prenatal yoga, consult your doctor before actually starting the regimen as he/she is the best person who can tell you when to start yoga, and if you have any pre-existing health conditions that should be kept in mind.



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