These Good Parenting Skills Make You Happier Too, Not Just Your Child

These good parenting skills make for not just a happier parent, but a happier child too! Try practising them.

Parenting is an art that you master every day. These good parenting skills come with practice and thoughtfulness, and make for a happier home.

Parenting is very subjective – there is no single meaning or correct way of raising children; what works for me as a mother may not work for a fellow mother (or father).

Parenting is an everyday job that helps you to learn and unlearn myriad things. The good parenting skills I am talking about here go a long way in establishing a healthy relationship with your child.

When you are with your child, learn to be child like

There is a saying that there is a child in every one of us; so bring out the child within you once in a while. As an adult, this is perhaps the toughest thing to do but it is not impossible.

Play with your smile, dress like a joker, sing, dance, and crawl under the bed – do whatever it takes to relive your childhood days. You will never get a chance once your child grows up and leaves the nest.

Give her space to grow; let her be

A child can become independent only when her parents allow her to be so. Let her become whatever she wants to become. It’s not a good idea to curb her happiness by trying to put her in the ‘mould’ of things. Don’t compare your childhood with that of your child’s – she need not be like you always; otherwise she will never be creative or independent. In fact, she should do something that you never did or even dared to dream of. That doesn’t mean you will not be there for her, but just give her own space.

Give her your presence and not presents

In this age of technology and smartphones, this is one good parenting skill which I think we should master every day. Unlike our times, our children have a plethora of choice to entertain themselves. Visits to the parks have been replaced by playing on tabs or watching cartoon channels. So, the next time you are late from office, don’t give your child the latest smartphone or the new remote control car – just give some quality time.

Engage in some story telling session or just sit back and chill out with her. Don’t promise to take her out to have some junk food outside, instead prepare a meal together. She will feel good for sure. Remember, we are never too busy so as not to spend some quality time with our children. Personally, I have seen this works for me best.

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Lead by example

Don’t just sit in that sofa and instruct her to arrange her toys; get down and arrange you own laundry as well.

Learning and nurturing these good parenting skills will not only help to maintain our own sanity but will also provide a platform for our children to some and share everything with us.

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