Is The Habit of Reading Books Among Kids Dying Out? What Can We Do?

Posted: June 27, 2016

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Inculcating the good old habit of reading books among children has become harder in today’s digital age, but it is still so rewarding.

In today’s digital age, digital parenting seems to be an obvious norm. Times are now ruled by Kindle, Baby TV, YouTube videos, and endless cartoon channels.

Parents dread the inevitable summer vacation as their children will invariably get hooked onto long hours of TV, video games, tabs, or mobiles –thus summer camps are a welcoming change for some families. Nothing’s wrong in going the digital way provided we are in touch simultaneously with more tangible things like the habit of reading books or writing letters to our friends or grandparents, at least occasionally – the joys of experiencing the best of both the worlds!

I am the 80’s kid who has witnessed the massive change of time– e-mails have replaced letter writing and the joys of holding a new book has now been replaced by its online version, yet I feel that nothing is wrong in reviving the old charms. So, here I am, trying to figure out ways to inculcate a healthy habit of reading books in my little daughter’s life.

I believe it will be a gift that she will cherish forever. I was a voracious reader once upon a time but now I hardly get time to read though I try to maintain the habit, but I definitely want to pass on this ‘reading’ legacy to her.

Sadly, nowadays we ask our friends, “What is the latest smartphone you are using?” but we don’t ask, “What are you reading right now?” I want my daughter to find the joy of reading Ruskin Bond and R K Narayan besides enjoying the latest technology. I want to tell her that a good book is like having a good friend – it’s a blessing.

It’s worth investing on some good books to develop the habit of reading in order to seek refuge from almost all the miseries of life. As Virginia Woolf once said, “Books are the mirrors of the soul.”

Not only this, books have the power to transform anyone’s life. Of course, a lot of this depends upon the author as his/her choice words shapes our imagination and our values on several aspects of life. Thus, the story should try to impart a powerful positive impact on us.

I also want to tell my little angel that the habit of reading books enriches one’s life besides being the perfect companion on a lazy afternoon and elevating the meaning of solitude – books gives you ample space to introspect.

A good book always welcomes its reader with open hands into the world of history, love, wildlife and many other fascinating genres. You get to live a thousand lives through books in one mortal life.

So, my dear daughter, I want you to grow up in the company of books and know that your mother will always be there to select some good reads for you. For now, enjoy your favourites The Jungle Book and The Little Kangaroo.


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