Subhashini Subramaniam’s BabyBerry App Is A Boon For Busy Parents Today

A chance experience as a busy parent who forgot about keeping track of her child's vaccinations led Subhashini Subramaniam to develop the BabyBerry app.

A chance experience as a busy parent who forgot about keeping track of her child’s vaccinations led Subhashini Subramaniam to develop the BabyBerry app.

This is her story, in her own words.

I have always been a dreamer right from my childhood. In my early days it was my dream to be a doctor and serve society to make them healthier and happier. I was so obsessed with my dream that I did everything possible from my side and came out with flying colors in my board exams.

It came as a shocker when I found that I narrowly missed the opportunity to become a doctor. I felt that my entire world had shattered, but thankfully I got through BITS Pilani where I pursued my engineering in Instrumentation. That’s where I was introduced to technology and software and soon I realized I could still make a difference to people’s health, may be not as a doctor, but as a healthcare technologist.

So my new dream began to take its shape and this time it was to start my own venture in the healthcare technology space. But starting one’s one venture needs the right idea, domain knowledge, product development experience, and business knowledge. With this in mind, I started my journey of building the knowledge and skills needed to become an entrepreneur.

After my college; I joined a startup to learn the nuances of product development, more about software engineering and what it takes to build your own startup. My dream got a big boost when I got an opportunity to work for one of the top healthcare companies in the world, GE Healthcare. The 8 years I spent there were the best years of my career where I learnt all about healthcare domain, how technology and IT plays a major role in healthcare products and solutions.

How the BabyBerry app happened

In 2012, I was all set to start my own venture and I was looking for a good idea in the healthcare space that would create a big difference to people’s health and wellness. Incidentally, my daughter suffered from chicken pox since I missed one of her vaccinations.

Seeing my child suffer because of my negligence and ignorance triggered me to come up with a solution that would help other parents in managing their child’s health and wellness, and thus “BabyBerry” was born.

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Along with my husband, I launched my own venture, CereBrahm Innovations, with BabyBerry as the first product. We built an app that would give all the information and tools, in a personalized manner that is required by a young parent for smart parenting. BabyBerry ensures that parents never miss their child’s vaccinations, can take the right actions if they see warning signs on growth milestones and guides them through the initial few years of their parenting journey which are key in shaping the child’s future.

Growing by leaps and bounds

Today our venture has grown into a healthcare technology company with B2B and B2C products. More than 50,000 parents are benefitting from BabyBerry all over India and the numbers are growing every day. When I read the e-mails that I receive from parents, on how BabyBerry is making a difference to their lives, I feel I am on top of the world and that my dream is now a reality!

My dreams couldn’t have come true, but for my lovely family. My husband is my pillar of strength, supporting me throughout my personal and professional journey. My parents, my role models and the reason why I am what I am, moved in with me to support my children and me so that I could spend those long hours building my product and venture. I am gifted with two lovely children, Vinayak (13) and Aathirai (9) who love me unconditionally and have helped discover the “Super Mom” in me.

Like any other working mom, I have to juggle between home and office every day and hardly get few hours of sleep. But when I go to bed, I feel happy, cherished, and accomplished and I eagerly look forward to the morning for another day of adventure and new dreams.

I would urge every mom out there to believe in themselves and their dreams and do everything to make their dreams come true. This is the only mantra for being a “Happy Person” and a “Super Mom”.

You can check out babyberry here.

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Image source: Subhashini Subramanium.


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