How Growing Up With Hardship Can Really Motivate You To Excel!

The economics of supply and demand apply to life too! Growing up with hardship certainly makes you understand the value of your hard-earned skills.

The economics of supply and demand apply to life too! Growing up with hardship certainly makes you understand the value of your hard-earned skills.

You can relish food and value its importance only on a hungry stomach! Growing up with nothing is like walking an arid pathway of life with no frills attached, without much ado about facilities or aid.

Hardship is one of the most tested triggers for success

The hardship that one encounters in life will only toughen them and empower them with willpower and hope. And it is this hope that dawns a realisation within, that hard work and dedication are the foremost mantras of success in the run up of life.

It teaches you to aspire

With realisation comes aspiration, an instinct to struggle for survival surfaces, a strange hunger seeps in, the hunger to strive, the hunger to seek and learn!

Without any mentors, you become your own mentor

When you grow up without the right tools or right people around you, you learn to become independent and self-initiated. When there is no guidance from anyone, you will seek information, draw your own roadmap, bombard the opportunities and stride confidently.


Often it is the empty handed man who carefully learns to weigh the multitudes of success. A person with lesser opportunities is more driven by his dream, his passion to accomplish that vision than a person with ample opportunities.


Humans are a little like donkeys – we need a bait to move forward and when this bait is about making your mark in life, when this bait is a gruesome reminder of going back into that misery if you don’t gear up now, it really works! The unavailability and shortcomings only make you more focused and more determined! The dream of becoming something motivates you to kick start!

Problem solving skills

Many success stories have happened on lesser trodden narrow paths without any stems of support. It is this self-initiative and self-motivating factor that comes handy at the times of distress to solve and deal with a problem.

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This self-initiation teaches you to appreciate all those who have struggled to be what they are!

And empathy connects you with people and refurbishes your understanding and belief in life.

It teaches you to value and respect

When your foundation has been laid on the roughest surfaces, where you struggled to earn each drop of water that has today curated and moulded you, you will value little things in life that go on to make big differences. You will respect and realise the worth of being blessed in life.

It will teach you humility

The failures and rejections, the tough and the rough paths you took teach you humility, because you know you have been through it all to reach where you are today standing!

Nothingness is absolute infinity! That which exists and that which could exist as soon as we perceive it!

So essentially it is for you to perceive everything out of a nothing and stride up in life!

Image source: young Indian businesswoman by Shutterstock.


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