How To Move Forward When You Don’t Have Any Support In Difficult Times?

The family is our most basic support system. How do you cope when the family fails you in difficult times?

The family is our most basic support system. How do you cope when the family fails you in difficult times?

Humans are social creatures, who live in communities forming their own social groups by conforming to the dogmas of the society at large. We depend on our families, which are a form of support system that are the networking nerves of the society. But sometimes these support systems fail us, usually when we need them most. How do we cope then?

Get out of that mood

First, get out of those dumps. Do something you enjoy. Read a nice book or feast on your favourite food, watch some silly dance moves on mute.

Be proactive, not reactive!

At times your own family and friends may not be in approval of what you say and think. And this might take a toll on your mental health and well-being. But rather than sulking and getting struck in the moment, perhaps you could let go of what others think. You could concentrate on your own thoughts!

When circumstances are not conducive enough or don’t align with your aspirations, you have to be more proactive than being reactive!

Get to the root of the problem

Sit down calmly, and think of where the problem lies. Hear out all versions. Listen to the contrary views and reassess what you still think after all that. Is there anything that you could reconsider? Or did you project it wrongly? Rework on the strategies if any but if you are smitten by the belief bug then its time you got self-initiated!

Self-initiation and self-motivation

Brooding over lost time and money is precious time lost all over again! You cannot become a winner by continuing to brood over your injury, you have to make up your mind, let go of the past. You have to stand up and actually run the show.

The human mind is more powerful than any weapon in the world it is more fortified than the core of a mountain when one decides to take it upon themselves!

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Take your own risks!

You cannot force someone to agree with you just because they love you unconditionally! Nor can you expect everybody to be at your service with their money bags kept open for you to err and explore.

It’s your goal and it’s your challenge and if you really believe strongly in your path, you should be ready to plunge in and take the risk!

Talk it out

Have a clear road map to your vision in your mind, keep your plans ready, talk to people and explain how you want to move forward about it. Seek feedback and ascertain options of bettering each time. The more you talk and connect the clearer your vision will be.

Every time you talk about your plan you live it and focus on how best to execute it. Talking about it actually empowers your belief in it to move forward.

Rejections and ridicule are stepping stones to success

We are emotional and care strongly about our social reputation. We feel terrible and torn apart when we are ridiculed or rejected. But believe me life works best on a trial and error mechanism. Nobody is perfect. In fact we learn and learn better only when we err.

So don’t let yourself to be put down by the test of time, instead face it and face it hard!

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