7 Simple Ways For A Comfortable Period

If the time of your monthly period is painful, here are 7 simple ways for a comfortable period. Try them, they actually work.

If the time of your monthly period is painful, here are 7 simple ways for a comfortable period. Try them, they actually work.

In the initial few years after my first period, I felt very uncomfortable on the days I was menstruating. I had painful cramps almost always. I faced intense mood swings and hated being around people. My appetite went for a toss and I ate very little.

But over time, I began to pay attention to my body. I consciously made note of all the myriad emotions I felt. I observed patterns in my dietary habits. I tracked my flow. Soon, I stopped resenting my periods. I became quite an expert (no kidding!). I could almost predict the onset of my period. If I sensed an emotional turmoil, I knew I would start bleeding in the next 2 days. If my back began aching and my stomach felt queasy, I knew I would start bleeding in the next 2 hours!

Learning from by body signs enabled me to prepare myself for a comfortable period every month. Being well-prepared helped me be calm through each period. I thought I would share some simple tips on how you could make yourself comfortable during your period:

1) If you haven’t paid close attention to read into the signs of your body like I did, don’t worry. With technology, nothing is impossible. Download any period tracker app. You simply need to feed in one data point – the start date of your period. There are a number of different apps offering various features to track your mood, your average cycle, your period duration, date of ovulation etc. And to my surprise, predictions are very high on accuracy. So the app will give you a fair idea of when to expect your period.

2) Panty liners have a number of uses such as for absorption of daily vaginal discharge, post-intercourse discharge and urinary incontinence. I primarily use them to catch spotting from the first few drops of blood every month. You can begin to place it about 2-3 days before the onset of you period. It keeps you dry and comfortable, especially if you are someone who hates to feel damp. This comes in very handy in case you are on a long flight, in a meeting, leading a presentation or at a tourist spot in the middle of nowhere with no toilet in the vicinity.

3) Using disposable panties during periods not only saves a lot of time and effort, but also improves hygiene. You can pick them up at any beauty store. Many grocery stores and supermarkets also stock them.

4) Make it a habit to stock up on pads of different sizes and thickness. You never know when you will get a chance to visit a bathroom next when you are out either on business or leisure. Moreover, you can’t predict the intensity of the flow especially if you are going to be indulging in physically demanding activities such as trekking. Pick an appropriate choice smartly from the available samples, depending on your location, proximity to bathroom, flow etc.

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5) It helps to carry an electronic hot water bag in your handbag/backpack on the days of your period. It comes in various sizes, designs and colours. It allows you to adjust intensity of heat based on your needs All you need to do is plug it in and place it across your abdomen. You can tuck it under your clothes while sitting on your office chair. No one will notice under the desk! It can relieve your pain quickly and boost your productivity in no time.

6) I like to carry some edibles such as dry fruits, biscuits or toffees in my daily bag. Munching on these could bring you back to your spirits and offer the energy necessary to get through the rest of the day. Try it, especially if your taste buds dislike regular foods such as rice/roti on your period days.

7) I can’t stress this enough – carry some feel-good essentials. It could be a tiny bottle of perfume that you can dab on your neck. The invigorating smell will make you feel refreshed. Or try applying some lipstick or lip balm. Putting it on will make you smile and feel beautiful.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. While not all of it may help everyone, a few simple steps can go a long way. By trying and experimenting, you will be able to figure out what works best for you.

So, the next time you feel any sort of discomfort, try some of these. And kiss goodbye to all your period-related anxiety!

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