How To Handle Sibling Rivalry: Here Are 6 Effective Ways

Wondering how to handle sibling rivalry? Here are 6 ways, to help your kids not only get over the initial jealousy pangs but begin a bond for a lifetime.

Wondering how to handle sibling rivalry? Here are 6 ways, to help your kids not only get over the initial jealousy pangs but begin a bond for a lifetime.

Yes,finally I have achieved yet another milestone in my life. I have finally become a mother of two. To have a second child or not is definitely a personal choice but it is of course a tough call. Absolutely not an easy stream to sail through, since you already have a bundle of joy before having this another one. Sibling rivalry arises at times, leaving parents wondering, how to deal with it. Here some tips to bear the thunder breeze effectively.

First come first serve

In the initial days try to seek permission from your elder one for even smaller things such as changing diapers, giving feeds and bathing. I know it sounds crazy but it surely works.”Can momma change new baby’s diapers,else it’ll stink badly?”; and the answer would be a “Yes”. They usually like it when their agreement is asked for.

Download those silly newborn games

Most of the young ones are quite tablet savvy these days. Apart from their regular adventure or role play games these new downloads do offer them games which attracts their attention towards how to take care of a newbie. It interests them even more since they have actually witnessed your journey with a cute baby bump.

Have an extra budget for the big sister/brother

Seeing a new rattle toy in your sister’s hand with an empty hand is so painful and we need to understand this. It’s little trickier but you need to handle this. Usually, all the visitors who bring gifts for the little one forget that there is one more baby out there. And you have to supplement it with a small gift for your elder one. It’s an important investment.

Be a sandwich for sometime

Co-sleeping is so very important in those early months. Momma sleeping with the new baby is a rivalry booster, so it’s better if you sleep with both of your babies on either sides. It’s difficult as well as tiring but it assures your elder one that- Yes Momma is mine too.

Equal share of scoldings

Don’t refrain from those occasional finicky scoldings, target should be of course the little one (You need good acting talent) those raised eyebrows, just to prove that momma is always fair.”Ira,  why did you spill the milk on the carpet !!”…. Soon after you’ll hear a cute response, “Mom I never do that.” This brings your elder one close to you.

The give away trick

If your elder one is absolutely panicky and possessive about you and nothing seems to work,  you can trick him by saying that “Oh dear if you don’t like the baby, we’ll give her to your cousin Rouni. She wants a baby sister.”  You are gonna hear a big “No” there, and be happy because it’s just the beginning of a special bond.

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