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Blessed @ Life After Cancer: The Happier Me!

Posted: January 5, 2015

Life after cancer treatment is not always easy, but this breast cancer survivor has not stopped enjoying her life – one day at a time.

I am writing this today because I so want to connect with you all. I have been writing for some time now but am finally giving it a shape now. This is my first post so bear with me while I introduce myself.

I am a lecturer by profession (trust me, not a boring one..my kids love me!) and I quit my full time, well-paying job in 2012 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before questions start to run through your mind whether it’s me or my spirit writing this, let me tell you I am perfectly fit and healthy now as I was blessed to have been diagnosed at an early stage.

I am 34 years young and am married to the most loving husband and have been blessed with the most adorable 5 year old son. My treatment got over in December 2012 and I am on hormonal medication now. Though I can be moody and fight with my husband and blame it on the meds, I am a very good wife. If I fight, I take the responsibility of saying that it’s my husband’s fault and not that of the medicine!

I am happy that I am finally able to give shape to my writing. In my busy schedule as part of which I manage my son, run my NGO (Yes to Life), take visiting classes now and then, go so frequently on trips that my son complained saying, ‘Why are we again taking a trip?’, try to study as I am pursuing a Ph.D., there are days in between when I don’t have much to do. And post cancer, I don’t feel like letting go of even a single day. I would like all my days to be super exciting and busy and today my writing is occupying my day, which is also making me feel so blessed.

…post cancer, I don’t feel like letting go of even a single day. I would like all my days to be super exciting and busy…

I am thankful for every experience of my life and have no complaints whatsoever. Cancer has taught me so much and I have chosen to absorb all the positives. I love every moment in my life now, every second spent with my son, every drop of rain, the wind blowing through my hair. I try to live in the now and stay stress-free most of the time. It is not just me but my family too which is eating healthier; I do aerobics, gym, meditation, dance and whatever else my heart desires.

I can say that I have found myself back. I do what I like to do; I have stopped taking on the pressures of life. Simply put, I am high on life and say ‘Yes to Life’ as it comes.

It also means taking oneself lightly as I believe that there is no need to over analyze life. I had a mastectomy which means one of my breasts was removed after my diagnosis. So, I wear an artificial silicon breast which is called a prosthesis. Soon after my treatment got over, I joined yoga classes. During one of the asanas, when I bent forward my breast (prosthesis) fell out of my inner garments, changing the anatomy of my body as it was resting now on my neck, beneath my top. So, just a few minutes back I had only one breast and now I felt like I had three.

Obviously I rushed to adjust it and got my body shape back.  It was really funny and I laughed my heart out. It feels so librated to enjoy even things like these which may depress somebody else. I feel no less without a breast and in fact have started to feel sexier because I now know how strong and positive I am.

I feel no less without a breast and in fact have started to feel sexier because I now know how strong and positive I am.

Everybody has problems in life; these could be relationship oriented, health related, financial, but what makes or mars you are the choices you make. I chose to seek learning from this experience which gave me one of my bigger purposes in life of working towards the cause of helping others through my NGO.

I always asked God to bless me with two things during my treatment, strength and devotion and I am so thankful that he endowed me with both. I am in love with my life to the extent that I sometimes feel selfish but I am happy that I have started to live for myself on my terms.

I have started to write poetry also and am sharing with you my first poem that I wrote while I was undergoing my treatment.

I looked outside the window
I wondered how it happened to me
I looked for strength outside
My God said you have it within

I asked Him for devotion
I felt His blessings as deep as the ocean
I touched His lotus feet
My God hugged me and made me complete

I thank God every second of my life
For else I couldn’t have won this strife
I am no more scared of the future
As I have Him for my tutor.

Stay blessed!

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I am a management faculty by profession and left my full time job in June

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