2 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Life

Our lives are becoming increasingly complex, and our minds, chaotic. Here are 2 simple ways to declutter your life, and clear your mind.

Our lives are becoming increasingly complex, and our minds, chaotic.  Here are 2 simple ways to declutter your life, and clear your mind.

I am going to quickly describe some typical situations, they could be yours or mine.

How many times in day do we check our phones for messages – text, BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook? How many times have we bought something just because it was on sale…and not because there was a need? How many things do you have in your house that you no longer use, don’t even recognize, and sometimes even forget that it exists…?

I am talking about a new concept which is waking up people, transforming them to create abundant happiness and freedom.The concept of less is more!

Do fewer things mean fewer things to worry about? Yes!

When you eliminate the unnecessary, there is space and time only for the meaningful. So, let me tell you about the two common areas where we start accumulating, without thinking – one is social media, and the second, too many things in our homes.

Social media

Do we really use the phone as a tool of communication? No. It is used to check and send emails, tell everyone about our state of mind, type in our comments, or “like” pictures. Our network starts expanding, and so does the pressure to respond to anything and everything. There is so much distraction. We seem to tap our phones more than we actually touch our dear ones. My friend list on face book is in double digits only. I would rather pick up the phone or talk in person. I would certainly enjoy such personal conversations.

Too much clutter at home

Suddenly, we find that there is no space in the house. The cupboards are overflowing with clothes, the furniture seems too big, the refrigerator is a dumping box, the dining table is used for everything but dining, and the store room or the attic is the ugliest.

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There is an increasing tendency now-a-days to buy things like everyone else, to show-off the latest, and to buy, even if there is no occasion. In the good old days, new clothes were bought only for birthdays or for festivals. Now, we buy at any time of the year. But is this clutter making you happy? Aren’t you spending more by adding more to your house?

We are not our stuff. We are more than our possessions. I have worked on this point and decluttered my house. I used to spend 2 hours cleaning up my house but I take less than 15 minutes to clean up now. My apartment always looks neat. It is calm, serene, and relaxed.

There is absolute joy to own less.

Less is more…

Because it helps find simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It is about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important. We can do things productively. We can create those strong bonds with our favourite people.

Leo Babuata is the writer of the blog – Zen habits. This blog is one of the top 25 blogs in the world. He says we can start by taking baby steps.

  1. The social media challenge:

We all socialize online. But are all those 300 to 400 friends really genuine? Edit your friend list to a meaningful, loving list with deeper connections.

  1. Too many things in the house:

Spend 10 minutes every day in clearing up one part of your house. Sometimes you may need to be ruthless in discarding. If you haven’t worn that shirt for more than 6 months, you will never wear it again. Donate your unused clothes and household articles before you buy new stuff.

Today, when you walk through your front door, take a second and ask yourself – could I do with a little editing? Would that give me more freedom, more happiness, more time?

Please do remember that except in the matters of love and affection, less is more!

 Pic credit: Image of Meditating woman via Shutterstock.


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