Dear S, I Am Staying Back, With My Husband And My Son

You once said— 'We were from a “Parallel world.”' You were leaning by the door, wearing my favourite blue shirt.I don’t know why I was so deeply drawn to you. I was married!


My dearest S,

Two words keep coming back to me whenever I remember you. You once said— ‘We were from a “Parallel world.”’ You were leaning by the door, wearing my favourite blue shirt.

I don’t know why I was so deeply drawn to you. I was married!

Sometimes I wonder if it is because of the questions you asked me. No one had asked me about such things, but you had wanted to know. I was talking to you as if I was talking to myself.

No inhibitions.

As soon as the thought took shape in my mind, I would find myself telling you about it. You said you felt like putting me in a small box and taking the box with you everywhere.

And open the box and talk to me, when ever and where ever. I laughed so much for this. I startled the people around!

Likewise, I would never forget the tenderness in your eyes when you narrated an incident from your childhood. You had painted your pet turtle’s shell a bright scarlet colour.

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And your dad took you aside and told you— “What is, is beautiful. Learn to love the turtle as it is.” Then he mentioned to you that painting the shell can harm the turtle, and you started crying. Your dad wiped away the colours and your tears.

The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man who can love me so much.

But, I have decided. I am staying back in India, with my husband and my son. I have started teaching dance for children. I am learning a new language. Not only that, but I am reading the books you had gifted, Tagore’s classics.

Your dad’s words echo in my mind. I am learning to love again—everything and everyone—as it is.

We are from parallel worlds; maybe we would come together in another lifetime.

Till then, Goodbye!



Image source: Gillithuka, via Getty Images, Free On CanvaPro

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