In The Dark No More: A Letter From A Wife

Posted: November 4, 2014

Not all marriages are made in heaven. Some can be hellish, and one must try to break free. Here’s an attempt, and hope.

When I walked into your life, it wasn’t because anybody forced me to. When I agreed to get married to you, it was not because I was desperate to. When I moved in with you and your parents, into your home, I hoped to move into your hearts too. The farce your family had so adeptly put up would make any girl fall flat on her nose.

My mentality – when I was ready to get married to you (and your family) – was that I would treat your parents like mine and respect them no matter how they turn out to be. Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be nothing like the mothers-in-law and the fathers-in-law I had heard about,  from my own peers.

An MIL who would not let her DIL work in the kitchen (because she would be tired after her day job) would be a dream for any girl. It was, to me too. Though apprehensive in the beginning, I opened up to you and your family, loved each of you like my own. It seemed like you all did the same to me too.

Though the picture was too good to be true, I suspected nothing.

Though the picture was too good to be true, I suspected nothing. I never thought much about those tablets you took every night, they were for battling work related stress after all, weren’t they? Though I know I should have suspected something when I was never allowed to look at the name of the tablet my MIL so lovingly administered to you every night, deep down inside maybe I did not want any hiccups in this fairy tale.

Do you remember how she put the tablets in an envelope and gave it to me (to make sure you got your dose on time) when she had to go out of town ? Did you take me for a fool to always continue to nod my head at your behest? My curiosity spiked, I decided to find out the name of the tablet that you were so desperate to hide. I’d never thought I would find these many skeletons in your closet.

I’d never thought I would find these many skeletons in your closet.

All those degrees you claimed to have, those agencies that you were running, the reasons behind those tablets you were given everyday, the phone calls and messages of those women you’ve bedded and still continue to, and all the other truths that you hid so convincingly from my family, are now out. I know your stupid ego would not let you ask, but it is my need that I tell you here. I might have come from a smaller city than the one you are from, but I have a bigger brain. There are ways through which I know you are cheating on me.

The moment of realization was hard for me, when I understood that you had deceit in your minds and were planning to take my parents and me for a ride. An arranged marriage is not about hiding information about yourself and ruining the other’s life. I have decided that enough is enough. That moment, I threw you out of my heart. Today, I walk out of your house. I don’t know if you will even ask me once, but I don’t give a damn even if you don’t.

I sincerely hope our paths don’t cross ever again.

Pic credit: Image of woman walking away via Shutterstock.

Meera works for the ever-evolving advertising and social media industry. She is passionate about books and travel.

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  1. What were those pills for?

  2. Lots of loose ends here.
    I would have written a harsher more complete letter – had I been the one writing it. This one does nothing and does not make any point except, “I am walking out”.
    However, with due respect to writer, do share more.

    This is something that will inspire a lot of girls who are crying endlessly everyday trapped in such sham marriages.

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