Mother Roots [Poem]

Posted: October 18, 2014

Here’s a heartfelt ode to the Mother, and a lesson that we need to remember.


Womb of life.

Nine months, we devour your roots.

Screaming, we suck your trunk.

Waking, we demand your attention.

Laughing, we beg you to play.

Crying, we expect you to care.

Helpless, we rely on you.


A timeless tree of compassion.

Sunny warmth in the autumns of loss.

Bearer of our sorrows and joys.

From the moment we wake

’til the moment we sleep

You protect and nourish us.


When men become weak in your presence.

Their weapons are fists, dicks, and guns.

Yet still you forgive their raging blows

And still you care for their sons.


Without you we are nothing.

Without you we cannot survive.


Help the mother.

Respect the mother.

Forgive the mother.

Love the mother.


Her happiness is yours.


Pic credit: Image of hands making a heart sign via Shutterstock

Adele is a writer and activist on feminism, gender, culture, religion and human rights. She

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