Taking Off The Armour [Poem]

Posted: August 27, 2015

Though heartbroken, a woman thanks her killer for breaking her heart, because it revealed her own heart to herself. 

They’re calling you a ‘killer’.

Perhaps it’s true.

I’m one of the living dead you

left in your wake.


Though you pleaded

‘you didn’t want to hurt me’.


You stomped all over my moist,

green heart.

‘Til it was black



I never realised hearts were so

delicate yet


to heal.


Perhaps they’re not meant to be



‘Killers’ congratulate themselves

on their victories

while the dying

lie abandoned in a



Yet in that dingy,

inhospitable crook….


I’d rather be the one

with the warm,

weeping heart

than the chilly,

unforgiving one.


So thank you ‘killer’

for revealing our hearts.

To love one first has to die.


I’m taking off the armour.

Isn’t it time you took off yours?


Cover image via Shutterstock


Adele is a writer and activist on feminism, gender, culture, religion and human rights. She

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