Writer’s Dilemma

Today, more than ever, needs writers who let their ideas run free, to inspire the world. Here is an ode to the writer's dilemma - to be or not to be free?

Today, more than ever, needs writers who let their ideas run free, to inspire the world. Here is an ode to the writer’s dilemma – to be or not to be free?

One of the top 5 entries for September’s Muse of the Month writing theme, with the cue “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me” taken from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

A writer is a sensitive thing  Sept 2014

Seeing things

Thinking up strange scenarios.

Envisions a story

Others don’t see

Inhabiting a world

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Whose reality is remembered scents,

Bursts of forgotten music

Wisps of mist.

The sight

Of the light

As it shines through a leaf

Berry squelch burst of taste.

Emotions felt,

Emotions watched and heard


What goes through your head

Before you are beheaded?

Who cleans the sword…does anyone?


Soft ephemeral thoughts

May dance onto a page, pinned there by a pen

Or may forever float

Like motes of dust in a sunbeam

Illuminated momentarily.


A writer’s mind

Densely populated

Has no space

For criticism

Other people’s opinions

Poison arrows

For my  dragonfly wing delicate ideas.


To protect

My writing

I can either write…and show no one

Or write, as Charlotte Bronte did

Under a pseudonym.

Was her writing so courageous, open and uncensored

Because she veiled who she was?

Is this the way?


In a world where children berate writing mothers

For publicizing emotions and events,

Mothers enjoin adult daughters

Not to touch upon certain topics


The strongest experiences

Crying to be voiced

Be censored.

Does a writer have the energy to confront

Mother, partner, offspring?

Should she ?

Or should the burkha of anonymity

Float down upon her writing

Allowing it to be

Fearless and free?


Anonymous out of a dislike

Of being criticized ?


It’s like a mother giving up her baby

For adoption.


But if you must, you must

It’s better than killing the baby.

Or not writing at all.


Let my writing be free.


Pic credit: mrsdkrebs (Used under a CC license)


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