#FreedomIs: An Indian Woman’s Outlook On What ‘Freedom’ Means To Her

The #FreedomIs campaign asked readers to share their idea of what freedom is, and what freedoms they wanted, through a selfie with a message.

The #FreedomIs campaign asked readers to share their idea of what freedom is, and what freedoms they wanted, through a selfie with a message. The results were varied and beautiful. 

You can see the collection of #FreedomIs selfies here.

When women think of freedom, there are so many things that come to mind, and this is actually quite astonishing, as we are a country where goddesses are worshiped and yet the women here, irrespective of their location, socioeconomic or educational background, are unable to live their lives with the kind of complete and utter freedom that they should be entitled to.

Here are some of the issues/ideas that I relate to when it comes to what ‘freedom’ means to me, and I am sure that a staggering percentage of women, irrespective of their age, in this country would agree with.

Freedom is being able to walk on a lonely stretch of road without constantly looking over my shoulder.

Freedom is having a large group of friends who maybe all boys without being labelled as a girl lacking moral character.

Freedom is being able to study whichever field of education that pleases me without having to face gender stereotypes.

Freedom is moving to a new city or a country in order to attain top notch education without needing an entourage to look after me.

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Freedom is holding a challenging and demanding job without seeing the look of astonishment on relatives’ faces just because I am a girl.

Freedom is not being judged just because I am overweight, thin, curvaceous, skinny, tall, short, fair, or dark.

Freedom is being able to wear as much or as little make-up as I want to.

Freedom is dressing however and in whatever I find comfortable without being called immodest or uncultured.

Freedom is being able to raise my voice in my or my family’s defence without having to listen to things like, “You are a girl, cultivate some manners, be soft and demure, or who will marry you?”

Freedom is not having to adjust my bra strap, or constantly having to check if or not my neckline is plunging just to keep prying eyes and wagging tongues at bay.

Freedom is choosing to learn cooking out of interest, not because I am a girl and it is a prerequisite.

Freedom is moving to a different country to boost my career without listening to things like, “We are looking for a groom for you! How will we be able to present you to your prospective family if you are miles away?”

Freedom is being able to choose a life partner irrespective of cast, race, community, or even gender.

Freedom is deciding when and if at all to have children, and how many.

Freedoms is dividing house work with your partner instead of having to do it all by myself.

Freedom is being able to choose whether I want to have a career or be a stay-at-home mom without judgment.

Freedom is being able to plan trips with friends even after being married without having to undergo excessive scrutiny.

Freedom is choosing when and how to spend or save my hard earned money without having to ask for permission to do so.

These are some of the things that have been on my mind since a while, and this hash tag campaign has prompted me to tap away at my laptop, putting thoughts to paper. I do hope that there will come a time when this hash tag will turn obsolete and women will no longer need to fear or crave for freedom in any of the above mentioned aspects.

Pic credit: nanda_uforians (used under a CC license)


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