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A Letter To The Prospective Son-in-Law

Posted: July 28, 2014

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Does a parent’s responsibility end with the daughter’s marriage? Here is an evocative look at the support parents can extend to their married daughter.

We live in a society where domestic violence and male chauvinism is a reality, and not just in the rural areas. So much of pain and misery could be avoided if the brides’ parents refuse to succumb to society’s definition of their role in their married daughters’ lives, and realise that their daughters, married or otherwise, are not a burden, or an object that is in their lives on borrowed time. I dream of a world where every bride’s father would have the courage to sit the groom down and say the following things to him:


I cannot find the words to express the joy I feel now that my daughter has found a man worthy of her. I assure you that it has been a privilege to bring up such an amazing gift of nature that is my daughter, and soon, I shall be sharing that privilege with you. I have given her the best possible life that I could, and have seen her grow into this kind, smart, intelligent, and independent woman that she is today. I do hope that you shall understand and strive to keep her happy and content, come what may.

Knowing my daughter, I assure you that she shall be a worthy companion to anyone she chooses to spend her life with, in every which way possible. All I ask of you is to treat her right, understand her, and motivate her. Do not crush her voice, tamper with her dreams, or curtail her independence. If you do commit any kind of injustice towards her, I shall not stand by idly, watching you do so.

If such a scenario arises where my daughter is miserable, I will not be held back by empty customs or shoddy traditions, and will most certainly step in.

If such a scenario arises where my daughter is miserable, I will not be held back by empty customs or shoddy traditions, and will most certainly step in. I shall feel proud to bring her back to my home and look after her the same way I did when she was a child, as she will always be my child, no matter how old she is. She will always be my responsibility, and her marriage to you will not change that; it only means that I am sharing my responsibility with you, not giving it up completely.

Son, I have nothing but the best of wishes and the heartiest of blessings for the both of you, but it is my duty to make you realise that I shall be an ever-present pillar in my daughter’s life, one that she can lean and rely on whenever she requires. I hope that you shall not take any offence to my straightforward demeanour, as it stems from my love and awe towards my amazing daughter.

Thank you,

Your future father-in-law


Pic credit: Abbylanes (Used under a CC license)

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