#FreedomIs: When Do You Feel Free? [Campaign]

Start a conversation about the freedoms you are proud of, and the ones that are yet to be obtained. Join the #FreedomIs campaign!

Walking your dog. Sitting with a cuppa, as it pours outside. Reading a book on the Metro, undisturbed.  Going for a late-night run. Taking a crowded bus without the fear of being groped. Asking for contraception without the judgement. Negotiating for a salary you deserve. Choosing to stay single. Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom. Being allowed to love the person you want, regardless of their gender. Finding a job that values your skills more than your missing leg.

Independence goes hand-in-hand with empowerment, and comes in various shapes and sizes. Which one fits you the best?

To celebrate the gift of independence, and to add to the conversation on what Freedoms we need, desire, and should work towards – we bring to you the  #FreedomIs campaign.

Tell us – When do you feel truly free? OR When will you feel truly free?

In the month of August, Women’s Web will try its best to bring you useful reads centred around your main concerns – our writers will write about your messages, and amplify your voices.

Share your ideas, tell us where freedom is still a far-fetched idea, tell us the freedoms you’re proud about, start the conversation.

How to contribute?

  1. Write your message creatively – on a placard, on a black board, on your bathroom mirror or with scrabble tiles!

  2. Make sure your message answers our question – When do you feel truly free? OR When will you feel truly free? eg.  #FreedomIs travelling alone, without a worry, or #FreedomIs taking the bus without getting stared at. Your answer can be around anything that matters to you.

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  3. Click a selfie with your message!

  4. Send your selfie to [email protected] with ‘#FreedomIs’ as the subject. Send us a short note about you/your message if you would like that included on your pic.


This campaign will be going on all August, but do start sending in your selfies soon, so that we can include them in our Facebook album, and also open them up to all Women’s Web writers who may pick your message to write about.

Make your voice count for your own freedoms, as well as those of others!


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