Working Woman Or Homemaker: Does It Matter What Others Think?

Posted: June 8, 2014

Whether you are a working woman or homemaker, there are enough folks waiting to criticise your decision. Don’t add on to the stress by second guessing yourself!

Life is not a cakewalk for women. There are people in society who have enough time to sit back and criticize her for whatever she does. True that! Let’s see how.

A homemaker’s side of the story

Because of people’s perception, it is more challenging for her  than anything else, to justify the role of a housewife even to herself.

She remains busy in managing her home, kitchen and kids all the day without even getting paid. While nobody bothers to thank for her selfless work, on top of that, people even question her on “what does she do all the day at home”!

A cup of tea/coffee is hard to come by. While a working woman can enjoy her coffee breaks at work, a woman at home usually has a lot going at home that she just can’t ignore for her tea break. So there are times when she literally craves for some time of her own to sip her coffee freely.

A working woman’s side of the story

She convinced her parents to let her take up subjects that could help her in pursuing her career. She then convinced them to let her take up a job in another city.

And from the day she started her job, she faced challenges in the outside world. Later, when she got married, she had to convince her in-laws that she wanted to continue with her job because she loved it.

Right from the safety issues to managing work-life balance, she fought bravely at every step.

And when she decided to take up motherhood, she took a break from the career she would really have loved to continue with. Later, resuming work was also not easy.

Still, people don’t hesitate to ask her about the need to pursue a career when her husband earns well!

What can women do?

Modern women faces issues like stress and depression. So here are three tips for women to make their life better:

1. Don’t listen to everyone, just listen to yourself

You have limited time in your life, don’t waste it living only for others. People will always expect things from you. Don’t listen to them, but listen to your heart. It is good to be free flowing at times.

2. Take risks, you don’t always need to be fearful of your family or boss

Sometimes you gotta break the rules and stand apart! There are times in everyone’s life when they skip making a decision on something they wanted, due to societal pressure, family obligations or fear of the boss. Break the stereotypes and make your own decision.

3. A little relaxation is important

Even on your busiest day, take out 20-30 minutes for something you would love to do. This will help you in recharging yourself. Make a little time for things that gives you joy and motivates you to get moving.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

You don’t need to suffer always. Nothing is more important than how you feel, and as for something that is not at all important? How people in society think about you.

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  1. @ Andrea, thanks! By the way, I always do what I feel is right, not because someone else has asked me to do so! That way, I am happy and my happiness leads to my family being happy!

  2. The worst that happens to me is when people judge my feeling/role of being a mother just because I happen to be a working woman too. The snide remarks of being “greedy”, of being less of a mother, of choosing salary “over” the kid, of being cruel enough to have left the kid in another’s care during the day… People should understand that it is difficult enough to be compelled to come to work(for whatever reasons) tearing ourselves from our kids, we do not need constant judgement about how bad we are by doing so. Sad, more because the almost all of such comments are from women.

    • M, remember the old saying? You can make some people happy some of the time but you cannot make everybody happy all the time! Okay I know I have changed the saying but its so true! Its very important to believe in whatever we are doing or not doing! If you start listening to people and getting affected by it , you are not being true to yourself. Simply do what you know will keep you happy and in the right frame of mind to tackle mindless discussion regarding you being you at home or at work

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