Adam And Eve [Poem]

Posted: April 28, 2014

Even when the world was young, did Eve believe that the world was her own? This poem will set you thinking. 

One of the top 5 entries for April’s muse of the month writing cue, “Today the world is a little more my own.” (from Punishment in Kindergarten, Kamala Das).

Muse of the month April 2014

Dusk settled in and dawn was yet to glow

Nocturnal souls were back in ethereal abode

Sacramental chores too called it a night,

for hearth-work to return when  sun does rise


Kicked by an excruciating endocrinal spurt;

Adam perspired and crudely sat awake,and

suggestively caressed sluggish Eve‘s lovely face.

At 3 in the night, she was startled at the bay,

as she heard him hoarsely say:

“Darling, I reckon an Urgent Need has aroused;

It won’t let me sleep, till the fire is doused”


Murmured the mannequin, as she quietly lied,

“My body is your temple O’ Ma’ lord;

only for you with all my devotion…

any time and as you like”

The ever-dutiful consort, nodded and complied;

and another part of Eve reverently died.


She consummated the deep passion in her stride;

darkness hiding the tear, stuck at corner of her eye,

suppressing sinking pain arising from her core

her limbs bushed severely due to the rigorous chore


Rigmarole returned as the sun shone bright

Both set out to earn to secure the future slight

Adam whispered softly, kind of apologized

“Don’t know what happened to me last night”


Said Eve – “Hush hush, you are a man, I discern.

Please don’t apologize , it was my turn to return.

Energy emerged from your limbs, you notified
and I merged in it to ease your body’s plight.
Today, the world seems a little of my own,
I may carry in my womb what you had sown.
I came back from your rib as you would recall

and now I pay back my dues at each nightfall.”

Pic credit: jaci XIII (Used under a CC license)

About the Author:Gayatri Manchanda is a corporate worker by day and voracious reader by night. She says poetry consumes her and keeps her alive. She blogs at Love Across Bridges

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  1. Such a lovely poem. Great work

  2. beautiful reworking on the myth !

  3. Awesome, you are gifted! The thoughts and the use of words. You gave the Adam eve story a spin. Keep it up and keep writing!

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