Q & A With Kiran Manral On Professional Writing

Summary of live chat on Facebook with Kiran Manral - noted blogger and published author as our Expert Guest on how to write better & writing for a living.

On June 1st 2012 Women’s Web hosted our first live chat on Facebook with Kiran Manral – noted blogger and author of The Reluctant Detective as our Expert Guest. Kiran was there to answer readers’ questions on how to write better and writing for a living. We had great fun and managed to pick up some useful tips in the process! Here is a summary for those who missed it!

Kiran was also kind enough to answer follow-up questions that readers emailed us. Sweta Lal had the following questions:

Sweta Lal: I have done several book reviews for the love of reading but had to post them in forums mostly for free. Would that be of any value to my writing career?  Also can you suggest some paid writing forums for book reviews. Does writing on blogs and forums for others and ourself create any foothold for the writer?

Kiran Manral: Alas, no paid writing forums for reviews that I know of. Most publishing houses offer the books gratis and that’s it. I think reviewing would be helpful in one’s writing career in that one is exposed to so many genres and styles and can use them to build on one’s writing skills. About writing on blogs and forums creating a foothold, I really don’t know. As I said, I treat writing on the blogs like my personal riyaaz. As far as getting recognised and creating a foothold, I guess that would happen once you become a popular blogger, which in turn means that you do have an audience for your writing.

Sweta Lal: I realize that several writers do self publishing and e-Books but would that be suggestible for getting one’s work recognizd by the masses and classes as well? How important is traditional method of publishing for a writer?

Kiran Manral: Well, Ashwin Sanghi and Amish Tripathi self published before they became the best selling authors they are today, so go for it, I would say.

Sweta Lal: Your energy and commitment as a writer inspires me a lot and keeps me moving forward. Great to have joined you in the writer’s forum and wish you the very best for your book.

Kiran Manral: Thank you so much.


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