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Steps To Landing Your First Writing Job – Want To Be A Content Writer?

Posted: September 6, 2021

One of the most common problems that beginners face is that they are very enthusiastic to get started with their first writing gig, but they are usually asked for experience. But how can you get experience if you don’t get started right? You can find the answer to this question & more in this video.

Rohia gives us actionable steps on how to land your first freelance writing job…

Where to find your first writing project?

How to choose your niche?

Why is it important to maintain a portfolio and what you should include in it?

How much do freelance writers get paid? How would you fix your fees?

Rohia also gives you the Dos and Don’ts at this step.. and more, you may just want to launch yourself as a content writer after watching this video!

#HowToFindWritingJobs #freelancecontentwriter

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