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How To Become A Data Scientist In India

Posted: September 30, 2021

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In this episode of Career Ki Paathshaala, we are going to talk about what data science is, and how to make a career in data science. Also, Medha meets Ritu David, Founder & CEO – The Data Duck & Alumbloom.

Ritu gives us pro tips on different career options in data science, and also how it offers high pay and flexibility.

Watch through this video to know:

Who is a data scientist?

How to become a data scientist?

What does the market look like, and what is the future of a career as a data scientist…

What are the top courses for this available in India?

How much do these cost?

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What are the career options in data science, data analytics, data mining, data cleaning, etc

Women in data science

Meet Ritu David – “I’m in constant beta. Looking to grow intellectually and shrink physically. I have founded The Data Duck, Alumbloom & Oasis Health Tech.”

Watch Ritu David explaining in detail the wide range of career opportunities, and how you can build your portfolio as a data scientist.

“The Data Duck: We’re 63 people in Melbourne & Mumbai helping startups, global orgs and the government to solve problems using design, psychology, data science & clean code. We started UX in 2005 when it was HCI. We’re lucky to be able to handpick problems to solve. We’ve designed GTM for iconic products like Calm, Aesop, Moda Operandi & Culture Trip. We win because we use to ensure we co-create with customers. Fun facts: I’m a dog mom & professional swimmer. Geek goop: I’m an actuary turned designer turned entrepreneur. Failure: I shut down Rural India Solutions, an ag-tech venture that worked with 15000 farmers. I aimed for impact but lost all the money I had + some.”

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