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Anmol Malik – Singer & Song writer, Tells Us About Her First Book Three Impossible Wishes

Posted: April 24, 2020

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Anmol Malik, Singer & Songwriter, tells us why she always wanted to be a writer and also shares her journey on penning down her first book Three Impossible Wishes.

About the book: Funny and endearing, THREE IMPOSSIBLE WISHES is a heart-warming novel about finding love and learning to love yourself. Nineteen-year-old Arya Mahtani has been accepted to the University of Westley. But does she really belong there, or is she occupying a seat that would be better warmed by a more deserving student? Plagued by self-doubt, Arya begins her college life. They say life is a celebration. And Arya’s daily joys include (but are not limited to): her doomed crush on South Delhi ka Drake aka Sahil Mahlotra, the ego-crushing lectures of her self-made Barclay’s top-gun Dad, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians of Connaught Place and Cuffe Parade. Fuckity. Her reckless actions for survival put her directly in the path of fellow-student Vladimir Petrov – the vodka to her hot chocolate, and the only way out of her imminent deportation. Honestly, just what does it take to get a damned degree around here?

Anmol Malik aka Audrey Piano studied Creative Writing from the University of Warwick, England. After working at Leo Burnett and UTV-Disney, she went on to lead the Script Department at Yash Raj Films. Author, singer and songwriter, she’s really just a girl doing the best she can. She lives in a darling snowy mansion with her three favourite pens and a fully stocked tea and biscuit pantry in her head.

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