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Maybe Today Is The Day. Or Maybe, One Day, It Will Just Happen…

Slightly jolted, she finally turns on her side. And she dreams her favourite dream: "What if one day he just... if it happens?" A twisted smile playing on her lips.

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Deepika Gets Mainstream Bollywood To The Protests –A Sign of Better Things to Come?

Deepika Padukone attended a protest in Delhi in support for the students attacked at JNU. The women of Bollywood are taking a stand.

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Dear PM, The Youth Of This Nation Believed In Your Idea Of Achhe Din. Don’t Disappoint Them

Our country may have enough resources to fund a survey (NRC) but we don't have the infrastructure to carry it out. So why don't we focus on the issues at hand?

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Kabir Singh Director: Fear The Only Deterrent To Rape. Hypocrisy Much, Mr. Vanga?

Celebrate misogyny, and then express outrage over rape. Really? Dear people, please don't teach us about rape when you earn crores by glorifying misogyny!

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‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyyan Ve!’ Bollywood And Its Obsession With Colourism

We may have left colonialism back a thousand years ago, but their ideas of colour are still deeply rooted in us, the Bala is a good example of that. Isn't it time this changed?

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5 Women Working For Children’s Rights That You NEED To Know About!

From annulling child marriages to saving children from sex trafficking, these five women are doing their best to help children in need! Here's what you need to know

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