Vidyangi Patil
Vertical Living, Neuroscientist & Author

Posted: December 6, 2017

Vidyangi Patil is a neuroscientist, speaker and author of the book Vertical Living. Mom to a four year old, she is an avid practitioner of Yoga, meditation and a seasoned member of the Toastmasters International Community. A cross-discipline expert in areas related to creativity, communication and leadership, she talks about lifestyle traits of high achievers and exponential thinkers in her book Vertical Living.

Her mission is to help professionals realize their true potential as they add genuine value to customers, create sustainable businesses and engage in effective problem-solving and impactful innovation. Vidyangi is a Biomedical Engineer by profession and has previously spent time in the areas of medical publishing, biomedical research, software development, product management, QA for software design- medical devices.

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