Ranjeeta Vinil
Founder & Director, Saarathi Healthcare

Posted: August 26, 2015

Ranjeeta Vinil is the Founder and Director of Saarathi Healthcare Private Limited. A Management Graduate with a B. Pharma, she is a veteran in Patient Relationship Management having close to 18 years of domain experience. Starting as a Brand Manager at Rhone Puolenc she graduated to being the Head, Patient Relations at Sanofi Aventis and later Vice President Marketing with Medicine Shoppe®.

With core experience of Patient Relations and worked in the area of education of doctors, patients, masses, paramedics, she started Saarathi Healthcare Private Limited in 2008. Today she holds the unique distinction of being associated with a variety of Disease and Patient Management Programs having presence in India and abroad.

Ranjeeta will be sharing her experiences with accelerating Saarathi Healthcare’s growth and how she overcame the Money barrier, at the Women’s Web event, Breaking Barriers To Growth: The Money Edition. Get your pass now!

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