Nandini Hirianniah
Entrepreneur, MorpheusGang

Posted: February 17, 2015
Nandini is now working closely in curating the MorpheusGang – a community of entrepreneurs; by entrepreneurs whose core focus is to give and learn. Its based on the principles of ‘Giftivism’. She is alongside working on various frameworks that help entrepreneurs work on themselves and their businesses to make conscious decisions, be mindful of their actions and its impact. Currently, she is actively interacting with business teams facilitating the Conscious Work Places framework, helping teams to work in a democratic environment with optimum productivity.
In the recent past, Nandini Cofounded & ran one of India’s largest Business Accelerator Programs called The Morpheus; which has worked with over 80+ teams in the last 5 years. Nandini’s expertise lies in applying Agile Methods to all things startup.
Nandini grew up in Bangalore City and has a formal education in Media & Communications. Her life experiences range from adventure sports, theatre, travel to conversations with people over coffee.

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