Jayanti Kathale
Founder, Purnabrahma Foods

Posted: August 6, 2015

Jayanti is the CEO of Purnabramha. She left her cushy job in the IT sector where she worked with organizations like Infosys  for over 13 years. A passionate entrepreneur, Jayanti has conceived the idea of Purnabramha to provide not just authentic Maharashtrian food to its guests but also a truly cultural ambience with stellar customer service.

Jayanti aims to make Purnabramha a global brand and has already begun taking steps in that direction. Her keen sense of business planning and people management has won her many guests, most of whom have become extended family.

She is passionate about women entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment, as part of which she is employing women all across the centres and is also a noted speaker. She was recently Mentor and Speaker at a summit organised by a well known MNC in Bangalore.

Jayanti Kathale will be sharing her experiences with scaling up and growing her company at the Women’s Web event, Breaking Barriers To Growth: The Money Edition. Get your pass now!

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