• Around The World With Kids [E-Book]

    20 Local Moms Guide You Around Their Cities! You may have been a footloose traveler, but did the arrival of kids make you pause and re-think your travel plans? Around The World With Kids is: A super-practical travel guide full of doable recommendations A great way to and introduce your child (virtually!) to some wonderful […]

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  • Kunti’s Confessions & Other Short Stories

    15 Exciting Stories Inspired By India’s Best Women Authors Queen Mother Kunti reflects on her life as a pawn in the hands of time. A revolutionary warrior mulls over the choices she has made. A tree talks to her daughter in a dystopian future. Draupadi tells her mother-in-law to speak up. A woman beats up […]

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  • No Apologies

    In this collection of 18 highly readable short stories from 15 talented writers, you will find women who refuse to apologise for their beliefs, their stances and their actions, even if some of those are not quite what others expect. It may take them a little while to get to that point, but they do, […]

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  • When Women Speak Up {E-book}

    Raised as ‘good girls’, we are often told that we must know our place, we must stay quiet to ‘avoid trouble’, and of course, that men don’t like ‘too bold’ women. Indian women today are breaking all those norms and stereotypes, by speaking up! This powerful collection of short stories by some of the most […]

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