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Yasmeen Hossain

An educator and a dreamer, I dream about a society where human beings are a master of their own choice and not a slave of their trade. Travelling and writing act as therapy and they define me.

Voice of Yasmeen Hossain

Teaching Sex Education And Self-Esteem In School Will Help Destroy The Toxic Culture We Live In!

Our teacher skipped the word 'kiss' in one of the lines of a poem, as we strained to hear if she actually whispered the word or skipped it completely!

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Misogyny And Sexism Often Start Young And That Is Why The School Systems Need Change

Changes that may ensure that a more gender inclusive and sensitive culture exists, where a child does not grow up with a sense of entitlement.

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What Pangong Tso Taught Me About Beauty

Pangong, the world’s highest brackish lake helped author redefine and understand the concept of beauty better. 

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Dream. Make The Present Beautiful And Your Future Will Naturally Be Taken Care Of

31 things that the author would want to share with everyone as she turns 31 - a whole bunch of interesting and empowering ideas to talk about.

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