Vrunda Bansode

Vrunda Bansode is a part of management team at NSRCEL - the Startup Hub at IIM Bangalore. She has co-founded two ventures in the education sector - CloudMentor.in and CodingLab.in. She was earlier with Versaware, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Robert Bosch, and All India Radio. Vrunda is also the co-author of the book ‘Become a Junior Inventor’ (Penguin India). She is passionate about social causes and cares deeply about creating a fair, unbiased and just society.

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Option B
We All Live Some Form Of Option B. How Can We Make The Most Of It? [#BookReview]

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg is a very personal yet universal look at doing things despite setbacks that could be incapacitating.

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Listen Up! Here’s Why We Need More Women In Tech Design

We need more women in tech design – and that is not because they will make it look better – no, women will make tech work better! Design is not how something looks, but how something works. Unless representatives of half of the population of the world have a say in how tech products should […]

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We Applaud Women In Tech. Where Are The Girls In Tech Though?

Girls tend to lose interest in tech subjects around the age of 10, as this writer proves. How, then, are we going to have women in tech in the future?

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How A Life In Sports Taught Me Things That I Can Apply At My Workplace

I was a sportswoman as a student, and the lessons learnt from sports are invaluable when I need inspiration in my work.

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10 Interesting Things To Do When You Are On A Career Break

Taking a career break can be not only rejuvenating, you can also make use of it to do interesting, fun things that can lead to personal growth.

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Son, This Is Why You Do Not Need To Thank Me On Mother’s Day!

A mother writes about the rollercoaster ride that was motherhood, and why her son need not write a thank you letter for Mother's Day.

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I Have Always Been Able To Enter The Trimbakeshwar Temple As A Young Woman. Why The Ban Now?

Recently, the Trimbakeshwar temple banned women entering. Why? Many places of worship did not ban women from entering in the past.

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Ten Tips From My Life For Moms Returning To The Workplace!

Are you a mom who wants to return to work after a break? Go for it! Find something you are passionate about and take the plunge. 

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Alice In Virtual Wonderland

Do you regularly read online for information to apply in your life? Then here's a hilarious, laugh-out-loud read for you.

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