Vidya Bhaskar

I am a CA by profession. I love to read and travel. A novice to the digital writing world, I am greatly inspired by Ms. Paromita Bardoloi and Ms. Anandita Nag. Have been an ardent follower of Women's Web for the past 5 years.

Voice of Vidya Bhaskar

“Shabaashiyan” : A Song From Mission Mangal That Touched My Heart

Just as the team rejoices when the rocket is in the orbit, we have our team of friends, family and soul sisters who have cheered us when when we are down and encouraged us to push our boundaries.

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Women And Savings: Everything You Need To Know About Re-investment

Women and savings have always gone hand in hand but when it comes to reinvestments, most of us are lost. Here is everything you need to know about it. 

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