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Let’s Celebrate Rakshabandhan But With This Beautifully Adapted Story!

We celebrate Rakshabandhan to nurture the bond of siblings: let's retain our traditions but in a more gender-equal way!

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Here Is My Definition Of Feminism, Explained In 4 Simple Points

‘Feminist’ is a buzz word today but we all have our own definitions of feminism. Here are 4 key points that I think explain it best.

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Grow Up, Damn It! (What I Wish I Hadn’t learnt About Growing Up)

From a child who views the world as a simple, happy place, to a grown-up who learns the unforgiving, competitive nature of the world, growing up is not easy.

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Changes in Indian society
7 Things We Need To Change In Indian Society

Does the idea of Change in Indian society excite or frighten you? Though you may be a proud Indian, here are 7 things we need to change in Indian society.

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6 Messages To Give To Your Strong, Beautiful Daughter

Here's a list of messages I would want to give my daughter - about equality, marriage, beauty, and strength. What are yours?

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