Vertika Mani

Lawyer, Human Rights Activist, Intersectional Feminist.

Voice of Vertika Mani

To File A Complaint Or Not…Let Sexual Assault Survivors Decide What Justice Means For Them!

Sexual assault survivors are pressurized to file complaints while suffering through trauma. Shouldn't survivors choose what justice means for them?

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Networked Feminism Is A Boon For Us Only If We Don’t Fall In The Pit Of First Wave Feminism

The author talks about the importance of ally-ship, intersectionaly, inclusivity, and reconditioning our minds to become better feminists.

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I Can Tell You From My Experience That Skinny Girls Are Body Shamed And Bone Shamed All The Time!

If you think skinny girls aren't shamed at all, let me tell you that we bear the brunt of a number of jokes that affect us more than you'd imagine!

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We Need To Address That The Political Differences We Often Have With Our Parents Aren’t Just ‘Disagreements’

What my family thinks can affect my life choices. Similarly, my views need to matter to them too. Thus, it is important to engage in such conversations.

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Netflix series Unorthodox
Why Netflix Series Unorthodox Will Resonate With Every Indian Woman In An Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage, marital issues, sexual ignorance, and so much more - Netflix series Unorthodox tells a story many Indian women know well.

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I Am Depressed, And This Is What You Can Do To Truly Help Me

Sushant Singh Rajput's death has everyone wanting to understand mental health issues. But as someone who suffers from depression, I need you to do this.

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