Fiery…feisty…free spirit trapped in a body that wants to sleep a lot, read a lot, travel a lot…live a lot. Hiya… I am Varsha Chaudhary, a free-spirited woman from Incredible India! I am a training manager with 10+ years of industry experience in Information Technology. Have managed end to end training life cycles for several global projects with IT giants. Reading and writing fuel my soul and bring a great deal of joy hence blogging had to be a natural choice. I firmly believe that the right words have the power to move and writing is one powerful method to bring about the change for better living. I feel very strongly towards causes concerning women's rights, solidarity among women, training as a profession, travel as a way to explore and fitness as a way of life hence do not shy away from contributing at the right platforms where it matters. I specifically want this world to be a better and equal place for women and this can be done if we jointly attack societal stereotypes that are deep-rooted and never questioned. That said, this is my attempt to bring changes that I would want to see around the world for better hence I observe, think, explore, experience, research, learn and write. I live in the southern region of India with my husband and bookshelves. Love to travel, meet new people, engage in an ever-evolving fitness regime. Take long strolls by the beachside when not reading or writing.

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Why Is The Idea Of Marriage Fed To Our Girls As A Substitute For Career, Ambitions, And Achievements?

Why is marriage still considered a substitute for a career for women? Why is career just a variable option, while marriage is projected as a life constant?

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