Vanaja Shankar

Author of book, Hello Banker. Founder, Trainer at Banxzu training and development solutions. 23 years of banking experience, 13 years training experience

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ma Anand Sheela biography
All You Wanted To Know About Ma Anand Sheela From Netflix’s Wild Wild Country On Osho

Nothing to Lose by Manbeena Sandhu is a no holds barred Ma Anand Sheela biography, a fascinating and controversial woman from the Osho cult.

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Road to Mekong review
When 4 Indian Women Biked 17,000 Kms Through 6 Countries, From Hyderabad To Mekong

Road to Mekong, Four Women, SIX countries, 17000 kilometres – An adventure of a lifetime. The title of Piya Bahadur's new book says it all. Here's following the journey.

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Demonetisation Woes? 5 Ways To Manage Your Household Expenses With Less Cash

The first week of December, there will be a huge demand for cash to manage household expenses, including paying salaries. What options exist to manage these expenses on less cash?

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The Dream Flight [#ShortStory]

Which moron decided that a pregnant working woman cannot rise to heights at work? It is time this discrimination at work stopped. 

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Take A Look At These Three Simple Techniques For Relaxing With Yoga

21st June was International Yoga Day.  Across the world millions of yoga enthusiasts vouch for the benefits of Yoga.

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It Is My Choice! [#ShortStory]

A short story about bullying at work.“If you want to go home early, you need to be content to take a back seat at work. How can you even think of a promotion?” 

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3 Principles That Help Working Women Win The 4 Parts Of Life

How can working women "win" at all the four key aspects of their lives (work, family, self and community), rather than having to give up on some of it?

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Tender Love And Care : How Yoga Can Help Women Live Better

Women often end up neglecting themselves. Here is an introduction to the world of Yoga, and how it can help women lead healthier, happier lives.

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