Sudeepta Mohapatra Sarangi

A full time professional based in Toronto, Canada. Takes keen interest in women issues. Bibliophile, cinephile, wanderer, seeker, nature addict, dreamer, a novice wordsmith and a hopeless romantic.

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Do You Know The Real Reason Why Women Pull Other Women Down? You’ll Be Surprised

Why do women regularly pull other women down in real life when supporting each other will really make things better for every one of them?

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Raja Parba
Odisha’s ‘Raja Parba’ Festival Shows The Way By Celebrating Menstruation And Womanhood

In a country where it is common to shun menstruating women from social life, Odisha stands out by celebrating them in its Raja Parba.

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Manabasa Gurubar
Why The Story Behind The Manabasa Gurubar Festival Could Be India’s First Feminist Text

We need to look beyond the obvious in the rituals of our festivals, that can reveal hidden feminist meanings that question traditional beliefs. Like the Manabasa Gurubar festival taught me.

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The Holy Month That Reminds Me Of Our Widows

Widows in India, especially in the urban areas, may no longer be facing the damning fate of previous generations of widows, but there are still many subtle prejudices that exist against them.

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Dreams That Don’t Work Out Are Bummers But Marriages That Don’t Work Out Are Disasters

I am sure you would agree that it takes a really great husband to be better than no-husband-at-all. Isn’t it justified and advisable to wait for the man you can’t wait to marry, than marry anyone just because you can’t wait?!

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I am not an easy man
Why Your MEN Must Watch Netflix Original ‘I Am Not An Easy Man’ – Thank Me Later!

The protagonist, a shameless male chauvinist, gets a taste of his own medicine when he wakes up in a world dominated by women in I Am Not An Easy Man, a thought-provoking Netflix original French-language film (with English subtitles).

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Butterflies Are Always Free, Like The Dreams Of A Girl Child

They have absolutely no idea about what I am capable of. What my inner strengths are. I have immense power within myself. I might look weaker physically than the boys, but mentally and emotionally, I am way ahead of them.

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Orange Is The Happiest Color: The Tragic Story Of A Free Spirited, Young Goan Lesbian Girl

Lizzie lost her life for not being accepted by the society. Her mother could do nothing but celebrated her birthday, ironically on the day Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality.  

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