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sridevi Datta

Sridevi Datta is a freelance content writer and editor. She blogs at "The Write Journey" and "Writing Zen Crayons".

Voice of sridevi Datta

As A Solo Mom, How Did I Deal With The Pain The Words ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ Evoke?

Just the words 'empty nest syndrome' became a pain point for me, even before my kids were old enough to fly. This is how I dealt with it, as a solo mom.

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loop of domestic abuse
What Do The Words We Use To Speak Of Domestic Abuse And Freedom Tell Us?

Language is a powerful tool to identify, stand up against, and get out of the loop of domestic abuse. We need to pay more attention to the IFs and BUTs we use in what we say.

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ugly girls
When Someone Asked Me Why Some ‘Ugly’ Girls Think They Are Truly Beautiful!

Blackie told herself, “I am a part of this beauty. Within me lies this beauty. Outside of me lies this beauty. Then, every day, every moment, why do I fret so much?”

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A Silent Declaration [Short Story]

For the first time in her married life of three years, instead of a silent declaration, Mrs. Prasad heard the sound of her own voice.

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The Freedom Verse For The Single Woman In India

A single woman in India is not 'qualified' to do a number of things as per our traditions. Yet, being single can also mean freedom.

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