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When All You Could Do Is Flee…A Story Of Two Women

The story of two women, from polar opposite ends of a social issue spectrum, trying to build their lives with what they have.

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Not All Has Been In Vain

“Who is to be pitied here? You or me? I understand you didn’t want to give me a chance, but what kind of a President have you chosen?” Our Muse of the Month series this year focus on stories that pass the Bechdel test, and are written on inspiration from a new prompt every month. This […]

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Walking In Your Footsteps “Did It Hurt?”

And I later realized that this was why my parents had kept us apart, fearing that you’ll influence my already troublesome behavior. Their pragmatic methods!

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Because I Wanted To Find Out What I Could Do With MY Dreams…

Was it the wine or my heady emotions, I wasn’t sure, but I could sense that she somehow knew what was coming. Fear crept in me. Did she knew it all along? Even when we were best friends at school?

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Battling The Flickering Flames

As if they had rehearsed this act before, my family by marriage strategically placed themselves in such a way that I was surrounded on all sides.

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my last written words
My Last Written Words… [#Shortlisted]

I took my own life, so you don’t have to. I’ve heard many such tragic stories stemming from this atrocity plaguing our society, but I didn’t care to fight it till the time it happened to me.

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not on my watch
Not On My Watch! [#ShortStory]

Dear, you haven’t learnt the game yet. Those promises are to win the election, we aren’t obliged to uphold them once we’ve won. This learning comes from experience, you’ll get there soon, am sure.

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feeling alive again
Feeling Alive Again! [#ShortStory]

She could only see herself waist high in the mirror and she was determined not to let the state of her legs deter her night.

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Mary Bauer Holocaust survivor
When I Met Mary Bauer, A Holocaust Survivor, Who Spoke About Strength And Forgiveness

It was the chance of a lifetime when I got to meet and speak to Mary Bauer, Holocaust survivor, at an event in my city.

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I want to keep my son
I Want To Keep My Son! [#ShortStory]

“Julio, she’s the mother of the baby and if she wants to keep him, she’ll keep him. You cannot force her to do otherwise.” Maria didn’t realize that Gloria’s gaping eyes were fixed on her, she had never heard her mom speak up to her dad.

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no scales here
No Scales Here [#ShortStory]

“It is not just biology that warrants my love for him, it is this greatness in him, ready to share his moment, his right with another man.” A short story.

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Estranged… [#ShortStory]

"If I had the wisdom then, that I have today, I would have convinced dad that you had the right to be the master of your life, ... It took a daughter to explain to me, what a sister must have gone through."

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