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parenting a child with ADHD
Why Isn’t Bluey’s Mom More Fun? And Dad Always The ‘Cool Parent’?

Moms end up being the 'taskmaster' while dads get to do the fun stuff. Perhaps it’s just that mom's funny side gets hidden with all the work she has? 

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If A Woman Makes A Mistake, It Cannot Be A Reason To Shame Her Forever!

Do you recognise that a woman might have made a mistake due to an error of judgement, or do you slut shame her? The answer will tell you if you're a feminist or not. 

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Our Unfortunate Kids…Where’s The Opportunity To Get Bored And Hence, Creative?

Toys aren’t just toys. They should be STEM toys. Is seven too young for an iPad? Oh she doesn’t even have a vTech? Poor thing!

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Telling My Daughter ‘You Can’t Always Be No. 1’ & Other Parenting Fails (Or Wins!)

I've come to realise that parenting is pretty much always simply winging it. And I often wonder if my advice is sage or just a fail!

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The Middle

"Being in the middle offered yet another unique perspective. If she left the bathroom door open, she could listen in on conversations from both houses above and below. Not that she did so on purpose".

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Confessions Of An Overthinker

Are you an 'overthinker'? Read on to know the ways to change your brooding temperament and lead a happier life.

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